Try Sending God a Text. He May Answer Back.

Think about this one: do you have that one friend that makes it effortless to reach out to? He or she is a unique, glowing thread in the sometimes dull fabric of your everyday life – and never scolds you if it’s been awhile. I would call this sort of friend a touchstone – you feel better and more secure about your day after sending or receiving a text to or from this person, because she really knows you. I mean deep-down knows you.

Even if it’s a quick “Hi, how are you,” or “I can’t wait to tell you what just happened!” or “I feel so dumb. Here’s why…” you know your text is gladly received, and that it – and you –  are precious to the receiver. That’s one of the beauties of modern communication – we have the ability to keep the chain of friendship going at very little cost to us personally.

Why is this so easy, but prayer can be so hard? We don’t even need a cell phone to pray – we can do it anywhere. But prayer comes with a little niggling bundle of worries – it’s been so long, I’m not in the right frame of mind, or, my mind will wander, like it always does. Even worse: if He is up there at all, He doesn’t care anyway.

Here’s a little experiment I just tried: send a text to God. You can text your own number, but pretend it is God, or Jesus. Keep it short, or make it long. But make sure you are intentional; this is to God, and it must be truthful. You have willingly suspended disbelief, and your own cell number has become God’s direct line.

Interestingly, I got really real in my text. Here’s what I said: I’m tired. And I was, I realized; physically, mentally, and emotionally. But after I sent that text to God, a weight lifted. I was completely honest and to the point, and let God in on how I was doing, right at that moment, from my human perspective.

God answered my text – with enlightenment on my own state of being, and with the idea to share this with others. While we always want to strive to get down on bended knee or make it to church to spill our own personal cares and give glory to our Creator, sometimes it is also appropriate to spit it out in truthfulness – the way we do with our nearest and most trusted friends.

Text God. See what you say, and listen for a response. There’s even a cute praying-hands emoji if that makes it feel complete.


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