Christian Commitment in the Robot Age

This may seem like a strange first post, but I am hoping with this blog to explore faith – specifically Christian faith – in an increasingly complex world. Forces like technology, social media (which is supposed to bring us more connection but I believe is disconnecting us from meaningful interaction) and plain old lack of time and abundance of apathy – we’re doing pretty well on our own, right? – make tracing our path from ourselves to our Creator increasingly hard.

After all, we are darn close to having robots. We will control the robots, but they will evidence “deeper learning,” too – they will teach themselves. I believe soon we will have robots to care for us, keep us company, walk our dogs, hold our hands. We will rely less on that we can’t see, and more on what we ourselves create. Our own intelligence, as well as artificial intelligence, will rule the day.

Or will it?

I participate in a Bible study each week with two women I really like and admire. The feeling I get when I leave my friend’s warm, cheery kitchen and step out into the world again simply cannot be duplicated –  it is as far from artificial as you can get. It is the antithesis of artificial; it is authentic contentment and a strong and eternal connection to something outside myself. I think we will be smart enough to miss that feeling as we “evolve” technologically. And I think that the center of our beings will still call out for something that only God can satisfy.

I won’t mind robot help with the dog-walking, though!

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